Our 4R Approach to Building Emotional Immunity
A strong immune system enables us to combat potentially harmful stimuli and prevent illnesses and ailments. When we are emotionally strong, we can deal with everyday problems with ease and shirk off feelings of stress. A little bit of life stress is motivational but when the triggers are too many or too frequent, we struggle to cope and this leads to a sub-par emotional & physical immune system.

The real problem isn’t the depression, fears, insecurities, stressful times, awkward people or the misfortunes of life; the real problem is when we allow ourselves to get overwhelmed by what is happening around us that we lose our mental, emotional & physical strength to tackle what life throws at us. It happens to all of us and before we realize, it is simply too late! It’s easy to lose our motivation, our direction or our purpose. It’s just when we drop our emotional guards that we are physically vulnerable to be attacked from whatever viruses and bacteria are lurking around us.

Research shows that emotional immunity works hand in hand with physical immunity; and that people with high levels of self-esteem – one of the building blocks of human well-being – will overcome rejection and negative events far easier than someone who isn’t in such great shape mentally. They are also less likely to be afflicted with debilitating illnesses and more likely to be successful and motivated. Looking at the bigger picture, managing emotional health is absolutely the key for achieving what we want from life. Health isn’t a magical, external force that happens to us. It is a reflection of our thoughts, behaviours and emotions and is both understandable and manageable only if we have the right knowledge, tools & resources.
Our ‘Build Your Emotional Immunity’ programme is based on the 4 core principles; Review, Reframe, Reinforce, Reflect. It is not about making you resist or deny negative thoughts, it is about helping you redefine perspectives, reconstruct your reality & gain physical strength. We focus on shifting your objective in life from avoiding pain or suppressing negative emotions to building meaning and recognizing that it will be some part of the journey regardless. Harnessing the power of the conscious, sub-conscious & unconscious mind, we adopt a holistic well-being approach. We equip you with the right tools & resources to build your immunity and maintain the balance you need to be able to bounce back from potential threats, stress, fear and anxiety and to go out into the world with full mental & physical strength to live a healthy & fulfilling life!
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